Advocacy Day 2023

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Learn how policy decisions impact facility management

Advocacy Day is where elected officials discuss the importance of legislation and how it impacts facility managers and the industry of facility management. It is your opportunity to directly hear from and connect with elected US representatives.

Get involved and support the FM profession

Advocate on behalf of the FM profession to help elected officials and related stakeholder groups understand the role and impact of facility managers, and continue to utilize IFMA as trusted source of industry-based information and best practices.

Understand the importance of chapter-based advocacy

Get key insights on how to connect with your elected officials, stay informed on the latest policies and laws affecting facility management, and how you can create state and local government affairs programs for your FM chapter.


Why you should attend

This event is your opportunity to add your voice and support to the profession of FM.

Incredible Speakers

Hear directly from members of Congress and key staff, and stay informed on the latest policies and laws affecting facility management.

Important Discussions

Engaging conversation from elected leaders discussing major events, the political environment, congressional activity, IFMA priorities and more.

Tips & Resources

Get tips and resources from IFMA's Government Affairs team to help you engage locally and contact your representatives.

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A great event for facility managers

Hear what others have to say about attending Advocacy Day.

Advocacy Day is an incredible way for US-based IFMA members to champion the profession of facility management and get involved.

Dean Stanberry

IFMA / First Vice Chair

There is always incredible content and insights offered by elected officials on the latest policies and laws that affect the FM profession.

Jeff Johnson

IFMA / Director of External Affairs